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Experienced Exterior Painting Miami

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Expert Interior Painting Miami

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Why Choose The Best Miami Painting Contractor?

Michael Grant Painting LLC sets the highest standard in service and customer satisfaction.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Licensed and insured with the state of Florida
  • Fast & free estimates
  • A reputation for quality
  • Committed to your satisfaction
  • Painting with a personal touch

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    We Are a Team of Painting Contractors Miami Residents Love

    If you are searching for painting contractors in Miami who you can trust to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing paint job for your buildings, you need to hire Michael Grant Painting for Miami painting that’s bold, audacious, and professional. As a team of licensed professionals who are devoted to giving your home a paint job that you’ll be proud of every day, we must tell you that there are two types of painting companies in Miami. The companies that are solely trying to profit from you offer low-cost services that seem like a deal that is too good to be true. It’s easy to resort to hiring these painters. You might like the initial results, but after just a few weeks, you’ll find yourself needing another painting contractor to cover the peeling, chalking, and messy paint job that has ultimately failed. Although Miami painters like the ones described are common and it initially seems like you’re getting a great deal, they are the wrong contractors to hire unless you are wanting to spend more time and money doing touch-ups or a complete repaint of your house multiple times a year.

    The second kind of Miami painters are meticulous and detailed painters who take their time to review the location, while judiciously listening to your preferences and selecting the most suitable paints to achieve the right textures and overall appeal. The finished product looks fantastic and breathtaking, but most importantly, it remains that way for a long time. Assuredly, we are the second type of paint contractors Miami natives prefer, as we have your best interests at the forefront of our minds as we complete our work for you.

    Top-Notch Painting Contractors in Miami

    As the painting contractors in miami residents trust for paint jobs that exemplify the true beauty of your house, we offer interior, exterior, and commercial painting services. Because of a rising need for the aesthetic appeal that requires more from painters than just color-coating walls, our company is dedicated to offering more than you would get from your average paint job. Any high school graduate can pick up a brush and a bucket of paint, charge you five bucks an hour, and call themselves a painter, but the paint jobs that are completed on luxury properties on the internet and in design magazines were not created by amateurs and novices. These outstanding paint jobs are undertaken by dedicated professionals who have studied the ins and outs of this industry, mastering the process.

    Michael Grant Painting is your best choice to get premium interior painting that is stunning, breathtaking, and a perfect blend for both your eyes and mind. We are the ones to call when you need the painting contractors in Miami that will take the vision you have for the interior of your house and manifest it into your actual reality. Why should you have to settle for less when you can have precisely what you’ve wished for? What is better than the feeling of waking up in your bedroom every morning to the colors you’ve always wanted? Regular painting companies in Miami can only provide the Miami painting that only lends itself to very little, short-lived quality. However, when you hire us, you get exactly what you want at the best value. We do not settle for less, so why should you?


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